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Artwork, Passion, Emotion And The Energy Of Leisure

Vulcan’s arts and entertainment portfolio consists of reside music and artwork events, cultural spaces, and represents museums. Large quantities of energy are usually wanted for digicam lights and everyday electrical wants on a set. Previously direct current (DC) energy was used, but alternating current (AC) power is frequent immediately. Usually, and especially on location, unbiased sources of energy are used. Examples of electrical hazards embrace shorting of electrical wiring or equipment, insufficient wiring, deteriorated wiring or gear, inadequate grounding of apparatus and working in moist areas. Tie-ins to the ability sources and un-ties at the end of filming are two of probably the most dangerous activities.

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With our involvement in virtually all fields of the arts over a time span of more than 30 years and as active contributors on the boards of museums, artwork foundations, and the Swiss Affiliation of Artwork Collectors, we will draw on inside experience and specialist information specific to the particular wants and issues arising within the fields of artwork and leisure. To assist drive regional demand and diversify Singapore’s attraction as a vibrant cultural capital, STB is constantly enhancing the quality and diversity of arts & entertainment options.