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FIM , FIA and UNI MEI strongly believe that a unique answer to the current disaster will be discovered. To this finish, they urge the Rome Opera Board, the Municipality of Rome and the Italian Government to instantly announce the reinstatement of all dismissed artists and to enter into a real, skilled and open-minded negotiation excluding any type of outsourcing. The international music group would not perceive if the Italian Authorities, which presently holds the Presidency of the European Union, didn’t take all mandatory measures to ensure that the brutal, anti-cultural decision of the Rome Opera Board be overturned.

If photoprocessing chemical compounds contact the pores and skin, the affected space must be flushed as rapidly as doable with copious quantities of water. As a result of materials akin to developers are alkaline, washing with a non-alkaline hand cleaner (pH of 5.zero to five.5) may aid in lowering the potential to develop dermatitis. Clothes ought to be changed instantly if there is any contamination with chemical compounds, and spills or splashes ought to be instantly cleaned up. Hand-washing facilities and provisions for rinsing the eyes are particularly important in the mixing and processing areas. If concentrated or glacial acetic acid is used, emergency shower amenities ought to be out there.

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