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Food might be purchased at circuses and amusement and theme parks from individuals with trays of food, at vendor carts, booths, and even eating places. Hazards widespread to food service operations at these events involve serving giant captive audiences during excessive periods of demand in a very brief time frame. Falls, burns, cuts and repetitive motion trauma usually are not uncommon in this occupational classification. Carrying meals round on trays can contain back accidents. The risks are elevated during periods of high quantity. A common example of damage occurring in excessive-quantity food service areas is repetitive motion trauma that may end up in tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. One example of a job description the place such injuries occur is an ice-cream scooper.

Contemporary fibre or textile artists use a wide range of processes, corresponding to weaving, needlework, papermaking, leatherworking and so forth. These can be completed by hand or aided by machines (see table 96.5 ). They could also use many processes for making ready fibres or finished textile, resembling carding, spinning, dyeing, ending and bleaching (see table 96.6 ). Lastly the fibreworks or textiles may be painted, silk-screened, handled with photographic chemical compounds, scorched or otherwise modified. See separate articles in this chapter describing these techniques.

As a lot as know-how has promoted each art and entertainment, its results are far reaching on the side of arts, proving to be a real obstruction to its success. Majority of arts’ organizations are concerned over the continued disruption of the trade by the present know-how. Precautions include machine guards, proper electrical safety, housekeeping and satisfactory storage to scale back fire hazards, dust collectors, sufficient air flow and eye protection.

The “hearth, sudden noise and smoke” of fireworks continues to be a major part of public celebration and entertainment. For example, fireworks were one of many primary forms of show chosen to celebrate the flip of the millennium all over the world. Because the clock struck midnight and 1999 became 2000, firework displays and open-air parties greeted the New 12 months because the time zones changed over to the subsequent century. Fireworks, fastidiously planned and choreographed, were let off against the backdrop of lots of the world’s most well-known buildings, together with the Sydney Harbour Bridge , the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Acropolis in Athens, Pink Sq. in Moscow, Vatican City in Rome, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Elizabeth Tower in London.