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Michigan Tech’s arts and entertainment scene is vibrant and various. The uses of fireplace results range from atypical gas stoves and fireplaces to the destructive fires concerned in burning automobiles, houses, forests and even individuals ( determine ninety six.15 ). In some instances, fires will be simulated by flickering lights and other electronic effects. Supplies used to create hearth results include propane gas burners, rubber cement, gasoline and kerosene. They’re usually used together with pyrotechnic special effects. Hazards are directly related to the fire getting uncontrolled and the heat they generate. Poor maintenance of fireside producing gear and the extreme use of flammable materials or the presence of other unintended combustible supplies, and improper storage of combustible and flammable liquids and gases are all dangers. Inexperienced special effects operators will also be a cause of accidents as nicely.

A stunt might be outlined as any action sequence that involves a higher than regular risk of harm to performers or others on the set. In many such situations, actors are doubled by stunt performers who have intensive expertise and coaching in finishing up such action sequences. Examples of probably hazardous stunts embrace falls, fights, helicopter scenes, automotive chases, fires and explosions. Careful preplanning and written safety procedures are mandatory. See the article Movement picture and television manufacturing” for detailed info on stunts.

Musculoskeletal problems. Repetitive motion injuries and different problems associated with office design could be found among nightlife employees. For example, musicians and dancers are liable to specific musculoskeletal problems, as discussed elsewhere in this chapter. Bartenders who continually wash glassware and card dealers who should shuffle and deal playing cards for games in casinos have been found to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. More frequent breaks throughout shifts, in addition to job and task redesign, could reduce these hazards. Bartenders, cocktail waitresses, casino dealers and meals servers typically should stand for his or her complete workshift, which may be 10 to 12 hours lengthy. Extreme standing can lead to back strain and other circulatory and musculoskeletal problems. Corrugated rubber floor mats and comfy, supportive shoes can reduce the pressure.

Particular precautions embody using camera vehicles. Utilizing stunt drivers for all automobiles in a stunt scene can lower the accident fee, as can particular coaching for non-stunt passengers. Other security guidelines embody proper security gear, inspection of all ramps and different tools for use throughout a stunt, utilizing dummies in automobiles during crashes, explosions and different extremely excessive danger sequences and never driving automobiles straight in direction of cameras if there’s a digital camera operator behind the digital camera. See figure ninety six.sixteen for an instance of utilizing dummies in a curler coaster stunt. Adequate ventilation is needed for cars which are being filmed indoors with engines operating. Stunt bikes ought to be equipped with a deadman swap so that the motor shuts off when the rider separates from the bike.

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