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Michigan Tech’s arts and leisure scene is vibrant and diverse. There are the artistic professions—artists, actors, singers (soloists and choirs), musicians, dancers, coaches, choreographers, conductors and administrators; the technical and manufacturing professions—technical administrators and managers, lighting manager, chief electrician, sound engineer, chief machinist, armourer, wigmaster, dyeing and wardrobe director, property maker, costume maker and others; and the administrative professions—chief accountant, personnel managers, house managers, catering managers, contracts managers, marketing personnel, field workplace personnel, promoting managers and so forth.

Occupations vary extensively as do the levels of skills required for particular person tasks. Individuals employed in these activities embody ticket sellers, acrobatic performers, animal handlers, food service staff, engineers, costume characters and experience operators, amongst a long checklist of other workers. The occupational security and health risks embody lots of these found generally trade and others that are distinctive to circuses and amusement and theme park operations. The following info gives a review of entertainment-associated hazards and precautions discovered within this segment of the trade.

Technology has drastically shaped the art and leisure business over the current previous, skyrocketing the trade to new ranges and giving it a wider protection than ever earlier than. This has develop into a middle of interplay for each producers of arts and entertainment and the customers of the content. The internet is a one vast platform that has made this modification real in each sense, making the two achieve extra influence on people than ever earlier than in the historical past of humankind.

Of the numerous styles of singing documented all through the world, some reflect a singular liturgical, cultural, linguistic, ethnic or geo-political heritage, while others are more universal in nature. Among the many widespread styles of singing within the United States and Western world are: traditional classical (including oratorio, opera, art songs and so on), barbershop, jazz, musical theatre (Broadway), choral, gospel, people, country (and western), widespread, rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll (together with heavy steel, different rock and so on) and others. Each model of supply has its typical settings, patterns, habits and related danger elements.

Jewellery manufacturing can embrace working with a wide range of materials, equivalent to precious and semi-treasured stones, artificial stones, shells, coral, pearls, precious metals, metallic enamels and newer supplies akin to epoxy resins and vinyl polymers. These can be utilized to make rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and a variety of other personal ornamental gadgets. Jewelry manufacturing shops fluctuate in dimension, and completely different manufacturing processes may be adopted. Thus, health hazards may fluctuate from one workshop to a different.